Growing Connectivity

Our mission is to enable citizens with the ability to make better informed decisions, improve quality of life, and create a more sustainable planet.  

Making the Switch Is Easy

We provide end-to-end solutions and services tailored to our customer needs.  If you are looking for LoRaWAN managed network services, an IoT analytics platform for data processing, or devices we got you covered.  Digitalization no longer needs to be difficult.

Benefits of LoRaWAN®

Long Range Wide Area Networks

Public and Private Networks

Firmware Updates Over-the-Air


Bi-Directional Security

10+ Year Battery Life

Long Range Coverage

Fastest Growing LoRaWAN® Network in India.

We strive to bring LoRaWAN connectivity to every house hold in India.   Take a look at our coverage map to see if you have coverage in your area.

Managed Networks

We provide a full suite of managed network services ensuring high quality of service and guaranteed uptime.  We want our customers to spend more time on their business needs and less on the complexities of IoT wireless communications.

Creating a Smarter World.

Why is it that in today’s technologically advanced world we are still struggling with the basics in life, like clean air, water, and energy? Shouldn’t these be somehow fixable by technology? They should. And they are.

“LoRaWAN satisfies 70% of smart city requirements and is the de facto standard for LPWAN technologies.”

Ali Hosseini
CEO/Founder, SenRa

20 km

Reaching distances in open country and in rural areas

Coverage in Rural and Non-Cellular Areas 

Our network engineers ensure you have coverage regardless of where your project is.  Our low-cost network services enable us to bring our customers network coverage where existing networks are not available.

Making Sense of Sensors 

We offer a low-cost, low-code IoT analytics platform that can be used to make sense of your sensors.  Take advantage of our pre-integrated devices or add your own and start analyzing your data in minutes. 

Case Studies

We are actively deploying LoRaWAN projects across many verticals.  Take a look at a few of the projects which we have worked on.

Reliable. Sustainable. Efficient.

Contact us today and learn how we can help accelerate your digitalization efforts.

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