Calling All Developers!

Are you trying to test your LoRa enabled devices? Do you need a development environment to see if your solutions will work with our network?  Well look no further! SenRa provides a development portal for users to connect their Devices and Gateways to the SenRa Network through a simple registration process. We provide free access up to 10 devices for users to connect, learn, and tinker.  If you are interested in getting access, please contact us at for more information.

Register Device

Register your device and have the ability to manage and monitor your LoRa enabled devices on the SenRa Network

Register Gateways

You can register your own gateway to SenRa’s network for providing connectivity to your devices.

Customize Dashboards

Our development portal provides you the ability to customize the dashboard for creating a look and feel suitable to you.

Stream Data

SenRa provides a simple API to programmatically communicate with the devices including the ability to send downlinks for bi-directional testing.

Supported IoT Platforms

Monitoring Devices

Understanding the transmit power, the communication activity on the uplink and downlink, and signal strength of devices are critical to the success of device deployments. Our solution provides our customers the ability to monitor the health, performance, location, and activity of their devices.


Our dashboards provide customers the ability to manage all their devices in one location.  They can see the devices, gateways, and the overall activity of the communication in customized views suited for them.  Selection of devices or gateways provide more granular details and dashboards.

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