The Ginjer IoT Analytics Platform introduces a new low cost approach in deploying IoT solutions. Ginjer accelerates business decision making with powerful reporting tools and real-time data visualization. Coupled with customizable device clusters, device management capabilities, and user access management features, companies can now deploy end-to-end solutions in a reduced amount of time.

How it Works

The Ginjer IoT Platform is a fully managed solution that allows you to easily and securely manage IoT data and devices at scale.

Product Features

Searching for an analytics platform suitable to meet all your needs can be very challenging. Businesses expect platforms to be configurable, provide powerful reporting, and most importantly be available at a low-cost. With Ginjer, you get that and more!  


Our pricing starts at 35 INR per month/device.


Monitor the health and status of your devices.


Sensing in real-time with powerful reporting tools.


Determine your business spendings and cost savings.

Mobile Support Available

With Ginjer, you can monitor your projects and solutions from anywhere! If you are in a meeting room with your boss or grabbing a coffee to go, you can get real-time insight on how your devices are operating and even see what the return on investment is without even turning on your laptop.  Contact us to obtain your quote.

We are here to help!

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