Managed Network Services



Reliable, Commercial Grade Network

We provide a unique set of deployment options, processes and on boarding tools which create the perfect balance between scalability, functionality and low-cost. Our LoRaWAN® network services and innovative go-to-market models are changing the way companies and partners across the IoT ecosystem deploy projects and use connectivity services.

Stream Your Data

We provide our customers with the ability to connect devices and gateways to our network leveraging our easy-to-use network portal. Monitor, managing, or stream data to any application with just a few clicks. Create your free account today and gain instant access to our developer portal where you will be able to leverage the power of LoRaWAN® for your projects and development efforts.

Network Deployment Planning

We provide our clients with a detailed network deployment plan prior to network installations. Our sophisticated in-house tools allow us to generate accurate RF propagation models based on the planned project deployment locations.  

Network Installation & Surveys

Our network field engineers deploy LoRaWAN® gateways on commercial grade infrastructure to include ground based and rooftop based towers. Post-install, they conduct surveys of the project site to ensure reliable network services


24x7 Network Monitoring

Our team monitors the health of the network around the round reducing the risk of packet loss and network downtime.  Backed by service level agreements, we can guarantee high network availability and uptime.

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