Temperature Sensor


The ER550v1 Temperature sensor is a Long Range LoRaWAN Sensor. It includes an IP65 Based ABS casing to support most types of environments. This product can be easily mounted and the communication of it’s measurement intervals is configurable over-the-air.

  • Based on LoRaWAN™ Protocol

  • 10 years plus longevity

  • IP65 Based ABS casing support most of type of environment

  • Easy Mounting Solution

  • Long-Range signal transmission

  • Trigger an alarm if exceeded threshold

  • Measurement interval could be configurable Over The Air

  • Support Multiple Sensor Probe

  • Support for configuring ABP

  • Local Wired Output for Existing PLC/DCS Connection Option
    – 1 NO Potential free Relay Output
    – RS232 or RS485 Serial Communication

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