Pulse/UART Module


The Pulse transmitter module for LoRaWAN® includes a plug-and-play LoRa Alliance certified LoRaWAN transceiver based on standard LoRaWAN frequency bands (IN865-867 MHz). The module is programmable in transparent UART mode as well as AT command mode. It is ideal for use cases requiring transmission of pulse outputs collected using GPIO pin over LoRaWAN.

  • Completely plug and play module

  •  Built in firmware supports transparent UART and AT command mode

  • Small footprint

  • Supports standard LoRaWAN frequencies (IN865, EU868)

  • Built-in Helical antenna

  • Support for Class A/C mode of operation

  • Operating Temperature: -25⁰C to +80⁰C

  • Transmission power up to +20dBm