Wirnet iBTS (Standard Version)


Wirnet iBTS for LoRaWAN® is the ideal outdoor gateway to support your smart city, smart building or every smart project as it combines both an excellent Outdoor coverage (more than 15km in direct line-of-sight and 2km in the urban environment) and operational excellence.


  • Outdoor LoRa Gateway.

  • Supported unlicensed bands: 863-874.4MHz (EMEA, India), 902-928MHz (North America), 915-928MHz (APAC, Latin America)

  • Supported LoRaWAN® regional parameters: EU863-870, IN865-867, RU864-870, US902-928, AU915-928, AS923, KR920-923

  • Size: 295 x 317 x 125 mm (including mounting kit)

  • Ingress protection (IP66)

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