RS232 Development Board


The RS232 to LoRaWAN® convertor module includes a plug-and-play LoRaWAN transceiver based on Indian LoRaWAN frequencies (865 MHz). The module supports transmission of RS232 frames on any public or private LoRaWAN network and can be used in indoor as well as outdoor conditions. It ships with a 12 V power supply adaptor that powers the device using AC mains input (100-220 V, 50-60 Hz). The RS232 target device can also be powered using the module with the provided 12 V power output screw connectors. The module is a class C LoRaWAN device by default with both uplink and downlink capabilities. The module has a low footprint with dimensions 104 x 49 x 35 mm (see next page for detailed mechanical drawings). The device ships with pre-programmed OTAA at Indian LoRaWAN frequencies (IN865-867).

  • Completely plug and play module

  • Screw connectors for easy assembly and deployment

  • Built-in 12 V power supply output for the RS232 device

  • Small footprint (104 x 49 x 35 mm)

  • Indian LoRaWAN frequencies (IN865-867 MHz)

  • Built-in antenna

  • Suitable for outdoor applications

  • Shipped with a 12V/2A DC power adaptor

  • Default class C operation

  • Operating temperature: -25 / +80 ˚C

  • Wall mounting (ɸ 3.4 mm)

  • Receive sensitivity of -143 dBm at SF=12, 125 kHz bandwidth

  • Transmission power up to +27 dBm

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