Luminaire Controller


MargDeep is a LoRaWAN® Luminaire Controller for wide area deployment for light control and monitoring. MargDeep integrates a Class 1 single phase energy meter, on board diagnostics, sensors and various light dimming interfaces and robust SSR for load ON/OFF control.


  • Light dimming interfaces
    – 0 – 10V Analog, PWM, Phase Cut dimming
  • Energy Meter
    – 1 ph, Class-1 meter,
    – Voltage, Current, Power (Active, Reactive) , Energy, PF
  • Optional Add-on Secondary Radio
    – Local mesh networking
  • Sensors
    – PIR sensors / Motion Sensor
    – Ambient sensor (Day/Night sensing and adaptive lighting)
  • Enclosure: IP66/67 enclosure for non NEMA lights

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