Manhole Sensor

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This Manhole Sensor is designed to provide tampering monitoring of manhole covers. It is well known that manhole is a easy target of theft, both for the cover’s valuable metal content and the valuable assets down below like fiber cables, etc. This sensor detects if the manhole cover is being tilted or being lifted, and will send out alerts to the operation center. Prior to operate, the sensor is activated via magnet so to preserve battery during transportation and storage. Battery is designed for more than 3 years operation based on nominal usages

  • Moving Detection by G-sensor

  • High sensitivity down to -140 dBm

  • Optional support a wide frequency range from 862MHz to 928MHz *see specification below for more details

  • Activation switches via magnet

  • IP68 waterproof

  • Detection for manhole being tilted up

  • Battery operated for 3 years based on normal usage