SenRa CEO Ali Hosseini wins Distinguished Service Award from LoRa Alliance™

New Delhi–June 13, 2019 –Ali Hosseini, CEO and Founder of SenRa, has been awarded with a Distinguished Service Award from the LoRa Alliance™. This was announced during the LoRa Alliance 11th All Members Meeting & LoRaWAN® Live day in Berlin, Germany. The Berlin LoRaWAN Live program covered all the IoT trends and a wide range of LoRaWAN topics presented by member companies, including vertical market-specific used cases, IoT market developments, technical workshops.

Ali is the Co-Chair of the LoRa Alliance Marketing Committee and the Founder & CEO of SenRa, a PAN India LoRaWAN network operator. He has been closely working with Co-Chair Charles Paumelle, Marketing Director Emma Pearce and Donna Moore, CEO & Chairwoman, by running the marketing committee meetings and further in formulating and implementing marketing strategies of LoRa Alliance.

As a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance since August 2016 and an IoT enthusiast, he strives to leverage innovative wireless technologies and solutions to improve quality of life and provide valuable insight in Low-Power Wide-Area Network technologies.

“It’s an incredible honour to be selected for this prestigious award, and it’s a testament to the dedication and vision of the entire LoRa Alliance team as we have worked tirelessly to set and achieve goals for all the contributing members of the LoRa Alliance, said Ali Hosseini, LoRa Alliance Marketing Committee Co-Chair, LoRaWAN Ambassador and CEO SenRa. “As a global organization we realize the potential of LoRaWAN to be the transformative technology to usher in the making of smart cities. I hope to contribute to the continued growth of the LoRa Alliance and the adoption of LoRaWAN.”

“The LoRa Alliance is dependent on our member ecosystem to drive the success of the alliance and promote LoRaWAN technology,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “We are grateful for the support of all of this year’s award winners and proud to recognize and thank Ali for his significant marketing contributions and promotion of LoRaWAN in India.”

About SenRa

SenRa, a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance™, is a PAN India Low Power Wide Area Network Provider (LPWAN), specifically LoRaWAN®, for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions and applications. SenRa is currently deploying LPWANs throughout India for projects which require secure, reliable, long distance communication at low cost. SenRa is working with global partners to deploy smart solutions such as water metering, smart agriculture, smart lighting, logistics and gas meter. For additional information visit:

 About LoRa Alliance™

The LoRa Alliance™ is an open, non-profit association that has become one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the technology sector since its inception in 2015. Its members closely collaborate and share expertise to develop and promote the LoRaWAN® protocol as the leading open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity. With the technical flexibility to address a broad range of IoT applications, both static and mobile, and the LoRaWAN CertifiedCM program to guarantee interoperability, the LoRaWAN protocol has been deployed by major mobile network operators globally, and connectivity is available in over 100 countries, with continual expansion.

About LoRaWAN®

LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) is a broad term covering several implementations and protocols, both open-source and proprietary. While other wireless communication technologies available like Bluetooth and BLE (and to some extent Wi-Fi and ZigBee) are not suited for long-range performance, LPWAN provides the longest range with a low data rate. The technology used in a LoRaWAN® network is designed to connect low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances in harsh environments that were previously too challenging or cost-prohibitive to connect. With its unique penetration capability, a LoRaWAN gateway deployed on a building or tower can connect to sensors more than 10 miles away or to water meters deployed underground or in basements.

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