“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Socrates

Waste Management

Solve and improve waste management issues

Monitor & Track

Monitor and track assets regionally in real-time

Smart Metering

Provide smart metering solutions for parking, power, and more

Energy Conservation

Implement smart lighting solutions for energy management and conservation

Building a Smarter World

A smart building is a combination of various systems such as energy, technology, telecommunications, and other building systems which facilitates advanced automation and optimizes building operations and maintenance. The global Smart Building Market has witnessed a significant demand due to the rise in energy costs and government initiatives.

  • Around 40% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings 40%
  • The Smart City Market estimated annualized growth will rise 13.6% each year by 2020 13.6%
  • By 2020 the global Smart Building Market CAGR will grow up to 38% 38%
  • Building Management Systems for lighting, heating and cooling can reduce energy consumption by 50% 50%

The Benefits

Smart Buildings

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve occupancy services
  • Enhance the capabilities of Building Management Systems
  • Provide real-time monitoring of building degradation
  • Improve waste management and reduce related services
  • Improve building maintenance

Smart Cities

  • Minimize environmental impacts
  • Provide real-time monitoring of city infrastructure
  • Increase efficiency by tracking and locating valuable assets
  • Improve and predict traffic congestion
  • Reduce waste build up and related management costs
  • Reduce energy consumption


City planners, building management companies, and smart city solution providers are recognizing the full value of IoT and looking for secure and scalable network infrastructure that supports multiple systems. Unlike competing technologies, Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) provide the perfect solution for industries with these needs.  With easily deployable networks, affordable data rates, and the ability to maximize the battery life of devices, cities and building owners are starting to realize that LPWAN is the right direction to go.  From smarter HVAC systems to reducing power consumption of an entire city, LPWAN provides the means to deploy successful solutions.

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