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Smart Waste Bins

The waste produced in urban areas of India is about 62 million tons per year, and this is expected to increase by 5% per year. Smart waste bins use fill-sensors and integrated data-based management platforms allowing cities to have cleaner, more efficient environment reducing manual collection methods. Get your CleanBin™ today and help us clean the streets of India.

Smart Parking

The number of vehicles in India is projected to grow at an annual rate of 9-11% over the next five years. Smart parking solutions improve city traffic congestion, reduce travel time and fuel usage for citizens. Building management is able to monitor and track the usage and frequency of vehicles entering their parking lots.

Smart Water Metering

Water has become one of India’s leading topics of discussion amongst government, cities, and urban decision makers in the recent years.  Water scarcity, water pollution, and water consumption have fast become some of the most challenging issues to address for cities in India today. We work with global partners to help India solve some of these exact challenges.

Smart Street Lights

Currently, more than 27 million street lights exist in India. Smart Street Lighting solutions, such as luminaire controllers, are being deployed across India in hopes to reduce India’s energy consumption.

Smart Ag Sensors

IoT devices and technologies are being used for high precision crop analysis, automated farming techniques, and collection of data from the field. Find out more about our smart ag solutions and help us improve our environment.

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