The Cold Chain Solution for COVID-19 Vaccine


COVID-19 has affected our lives in both small and big ways. We all know how we had restructured our lives by adopting new social policies, be it wearing a mask, sanitizing our hands frequently, maintaining social proximity and much more. As a citizen, we are keen to look out for solutions which help us lessen the burden caused by the effects of the pandemic.

We now live in a world where physical presence is reduced in the farthest way possible. In such situations, every business is not only trying to design & implement new strategies but also lookout for opportunities to enhance and grow in the current market. One of the big opportunities among others is COVID-19 vaccination for the public.

India being the leading vaccine manufacturer will have its own advantages and challenges in terms of logistics, infrastructure, and the distribution network. Pharmaceutical companies have started shipping vaccines in special containers to maintain the required ultracold temperatures around the globe. More than 70% of the cost of vaccination can be attributed to its cold storage and transport. It is an expensive venture to build a supply chain that can move such a product under demanding conditions for it to remain effective and viable by the time it reaches its destination and winds up being used for immunizations of citizens.








With such challenges, businesses need an effective solution that not only decreases the overall cost but also improves the monitoring process at every stage, right from vaccine creation until it reaches the target group. With the help of SenRa’s uFreeze solution, cold chains and storage facility in different supply chain network can be monitored in real-time with deep analytics.

uFreeze is a smart temperature monitoring solution designed to solve unique & complex remote monitoring challenges by combining efficient wireless sensors and gateway with industry-leading monitoring applications.  Critical insights about the temperature right from vaccine manufacturer, to the air transport, primary storage facility, insulated mobile vans, to the regional storage, and finally reaching the target group, the whole system can be monitored with the help of uFreeze end-to-end application.









  • Remote temperature monitoring of vaccine storage by sending alerts wirelessly to the cloud.
  • Live monitoring of temperature status from the mobile phone application from anywhere.
  • Historical insights into the temperature data and logs for deeper learning about the activity.
  • Analytics and reporting of data with regular notifications, reports, and alerts.

With the LoRaWAN network as its key driver, the solution remains cost-effective, scalable, and easier to deploy for various use cases around the globe. There is no single technology that fits all the IoT requirements for a business, with SenRa’s LoRaWAN network and the analytics platform- Ginjer, which opens an array of opportunities for low cost and scalable deployments with an easy setup than ever before.

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Authored By- Prasanna Burgula